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Posted almost 3 years ago by Janet DuBois

We need ALL NPs in the state of Florida to call or email Senate President Andy Gardiner and ask him to pass the NP/PA Barbara Lumpkin Controlled Substance Bill HB423/SB676 when it comes back from the House. The House has passed their version and will most likely strip out the Insurance language from the bill which will make some in the senate unhappy and reluctant to pass the bill when it comes back to the senate for a final vote.

At this point, it doesn't look good for this bill and if we don't do something, we only have ourselves to blame. Every single NP in Florida MUST call or email Senator Gardiner if we are to have any chance of this bill passing! Please don't just sit there and leave it to someone else! We need YOU to do it, and do it NOW. We need 1000's of letters and calls to hit his office today and tomorrow...session ends on Friday so this is our absolutely LAST CHANCE. Let's BLOW UP HIS PHONE WITH CALLS!

Sen. President Andy Gardiner:
(850) 487-5013

Let's do this!

Janet DuBois
President, FNPN & MACANP