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Urgent: Legislative Action Needed Immediately

Posted almost 6 years ago by Janet DuBois

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Senate Bill 612: the "Doctor Title" bill

Hi All,

Please read the announcement from FNPN. We need ALL NPs, their family, friends, colleagues, etc. to blast theses senators, especially those who live in Bradenton and Sarasota in Sen. Galvano's district. This bill is so destructive and discrimanatory and needs to be stopped NOW. Many senators and representatives have no idea that this is a blatant attempt by physicians and the FMA to put down and controll nurse practitioners.

Janet DuBois, DNP, ARNP, FAANP

The 2013 legislative session opens March 5.  Currently meetings are being held and have been for a few weeks. The Florida Medical Assoc has a bill that is being forwarded to the Senate Health Policy Committee. Senate Bill 612, Dr Title bill, sponsored by Sen Bill Galvano, is an onerous bill that makes it a 3rd degree felony, (as in child abuse, some burglaries, 3rd DUI offense etc) to in the course of rendering care or advertising that when you identify yourself as Dr Jane Doe, Nurse Practitioner, you also have to add "I am not a medical doctor or osteopathic physician". or face fines and jail time.  There are already laws on the books regarding impersonating a physician and that you identify yourself as a nurse practitioner.  Which we already do. They are title protected as we are.  The title doctor is an educationally awarded degree used around the world.  As you know there are many health providers that use the title doctor.  This bill specifically addresses nurse practitioners licensed under 464.  No mention of other health care providers like,Physician Asstistants, Pharm D's, psychologists, podiatrist, physical therapists or others. This bill is discrimatory and offensive.
We need an all out effort to stop this, call, write or visit your legislators. Sen Galvano is in my district and would not even take a phone call.
Attached are some documents that may help. Tips on addressing legislators, a Sample letter, Truth in Advertising paper from AANP. As we get more information I will pass that on to you. 

Your collegues will appreciate your efforts.

Senate Bill 612: the "Doctor Title" bill