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Manatee Area Council for Advanced Nursing Practice

URGENT: Legislative Action Needed Immediately

Posted almost 6 years ago by Janet DuBois

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Dear Manatee Nurse Practitioners,

The legislative session starts tomorrow and I am requesting we all contact Senator Galvano again by phone, email or letter. The more opposition he hears from his constituents (YOU) regarding the Dr. Title bill, the more chance we have of possibly defeating or at least amending this bill. This is a very important statement for us to make. Even if you don’t have a doctorate degree you should speak up so the Florida Medical Association (FMA), who is behind this bill, knows that nurse practitioners work as a team and will not be bullied in this way. Please see the talking points below to use (cut and paste) in your correspondence if you would like.

  1. As a resident of Manatee County, a healthcare advocate and nurse practitioner, I am appalled to see that you would sponsor a bill, SB612, which is so blatantly discriminatory towards the nursing profession.
  2. Current state and HIPPA law already contain requirements to clearly identify health care providers and protect the public. Why do we need to use tax payer’s money and legislator’s time to revisit this topic? Florida Statue 456 already provides for penalties against anyone who misleads the public or misidentifies their credentials. Why is it necessary to single out nurses and increase the penalty for using their earned title appropriately? A third degree felony for this crime carries a penalty equal to that of a child molester? Do you really think that is fair and reasonable?
  3. Why can’t we continue to identify ourselves as what we are “Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners” instead of what we are not “not a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine”
  4. This bill language is not necessary. Nurse practitioners (NPs), the most trusted profession, are pound to identify ourselves by our earned title. Specifying “not a medical doctor” disproportionately applies standards and could be used to promote a false hierarchy of care that misleads patients and delays needed health care.
  5. I urge you to consider withdrawing this destructive bill immediately and show your support for the MOST trusted profession in this country: Nursing!

Thank you all for taking the time to respond to this request. I’ll see you at our scheduled meeting on March 5th. Attached is more information with sample letters that you can choose from or cut and paste.


Debra A. Friedrich, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC, CLS
FNPN Legislative VP