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Rally in Tally by Jean Aertker

Posted 3 months ago by Janet DuBois

Your FNPN Advocacy Team has been working diligently to prepare for this 2020 Legislative Session. Yesterday HB 607-Advanced  Practice Nursing by Dr. Pigman (our tireless and long-time bill sponsor), has been heard in its first committee - Health Quality Sub-Committee. We have been asked to gather our members to the 2020 Legislative opening session - GATHER THE NP FORCE - bring colleagues and friends and save the date to come with us to Tallahassee re new legislation impacting your practice.

We will be sending members more information and a survey regarding this big effort.  Know well, we would not ask you to take a day from work & family to join us in Tallahassee unless it was deemed critical. Please block out this date,  JANUARY 14, 2020 "RALLY TO TALLY", and we will keep you apprised of plans for group travel and the agenda for the event. NP students very much welcome to attend with us. Let's make this happen.


Catherine Ward 3 months ago

What time?

Catherine Ward 3 months ago

There is NO WAY I would miss this!

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